IFTTT The application that automates all your wishes

It is time and if you do not know it yet, you will love it for sure. IFTTT is the kind of application that people love. It is really useful and deserves to be more known according to Greg Kiselyuk. So let’s go to this article!


IFTTT – The principle


The concept of the application is summed with the image below:



You specify a trigger from an application and an action to perform using another application. It’s kind of scenario, here called “recipe”. The only limitation comes from the application of the quantity of proposed applications.


IFTTT – Examples of use


When it comes to defining recipes, there are the breaks! I think it’s really great to automate tasks that can take time in only 2 steps with this application. It gives us a taste of everything connected and a very important point is that it allows us to link multiple devices: and that’s great! To say, for example:


When my Jawbone Up switches to night mode, turn off the light (lamp connected)


Admit, that it’s great! I have said not that great?


A recipe that I use all the time is the one who sends me a notification if it rains tomorrow. You can also define a geographical area and perform actions when entering or exiting the zone (notification, sending SMS etc.). The possibilities are many.


The application provides access to a catalog of ready-made. A “store recipe” in which you can find recipes from others and display the most used recipes, new recipes etc.

IFTTT – Conclusion


IFTTT offers us new perspectives and allows us to re-capture technology according to Greg Kiselyuk. It gives more meaning to our connected objects and makes them more useful and practical. It can also save us time and all this in order to improve our daily lives. What are the happiest!

HTC RE camera can stream live content


HTC has announced a software update for its RE camera device. It adds the ability to stream the video stream from the camera RE directly to YouTube.


Released in September alongside the HTC Desire Eye, RE camera HTC is found in the category of action camera product. The device looks much like a small periscope, but do not confuse it with a toy: a wide-angle lens, a 16 megapixel sensor, and waterproofing it offers allow us to see that we have an excellent hand device according to Stephen Karsch.


RE camera works in conjunction with your smartphone and RE application on Android, HTC says. IOS users receive the same treatment later in the quarter, continuing HTC.


With the RE application, you will be able to sign in to your YouTube channel, and enable broadcast live. For the rest, spreading your RE is a breeze. All the images you want to share is transmitted directly from the camera to your smartphone RE, which then occupies send the broadcast to your YouTube channel.


The HTC RE camera can stream live content on YouTube


The videos will be posted live on the chains of the users, where they can be configured to be private or public, and where they will remain for future visits after the live recording is finished. Of course, it will be true as long as you have a smartphone at his side, and a mobile data plan can offer support in the transmission line flows.


HTC has released a new version of its application for RE HTC Android smartphones – available on the Google Play Store, and brings new YouTube streaming functionality to the device. RE camera is available in Europe at a price of 169 euros.


Stephen Karsch heard some rumors that HTC is currently working on the highly RE Camera with a range of accessories and new iterations of the product planned for 2015.

LG announces the good G Flex 2

CES 2015 is about to open its doors, and as all companies are putting up their stand, it seems that one of them has just released a crucial information that will announce at the show. And the least we can say is that it was no punches.


In fact, the company, which is none other than LG did not bother to hide what she is going to announce. Indeed, the G Flex 2 made an appearance before its scheduled announcement. Poster of the next curved smartphone was visible on the floor of CES in Las Vegas, reports The Verge. Unfortunately, we do not know much about this smartphone on the poster which we saw in our office in Linden,NJ beyond the fact that it is well to be announced, and will be curved. Other information, it will use a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Of course, if you followed the news surrounding the future system as Albert Palacci did, none of these revelations are a surprise.


However, as can be seen below, the G Flex 2 retains the same design as its predecessor. However, we expect that the device brought significantly improved compared to last year’s model specifications which we reviewed in our office in Linden, NJ. Earlier in the week, Qualcomm teases the upcoming successor to the G Flex. Not surprisingly, the smartphone will boast high-end specifications, including a chip of the Snapdragon family 800 manufacturers.


CES’15: LG announce the good G Flex 2


Although we can not yet be sure, it is reported that the new smartphone will be smaller screen (5.5 inches) than the first installment (a 6-inch screen with a 720p resolution), but it will provide a much better resolution – probably 1920 x 1080 pixels or 2560 x 1440 pixels. Another innovation should be the chip 64bit Qualcomm with its Snapdragon processor 810, which would provide the unit while the power requirement of a high-end smartphone.


The current LG G Flex unveiled at the beginning of 2014 sports a curved OLED display with a 6-inch 720p resolution, 800 Snapdragon processor clocked at 2.26GHz, 2GB of RAM and a 13 megapixel rear camera.LG officially will unveil the G Flex 2 tomorrow, during his press conference.


Albert Palacci is a passionate technology geek, you can find more about him on some of his social profiles.

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