Qualcomm Zeroth: a new cognitive computing platform

Qualcomm has made the presentation of Zeroth, a new platform for cognitive computing based on various learning algorithms that allow large number of devices become more aware of the environment in which they find themselves, though of course, these devices will have to use some technology from Qualcomm to be compatible, such as a chip Snapdragon. The learning system can teach lots of patterns to computers for example, thanks to which can learn to recognize different things and so can make their own decisions without requiring user intervention an interesting feature according to Global Cellutions Distributors Inc.


Qualcomm Zeroth: a new cognitive computing platform



One of the clearest and most common of this type of learning examples is the visual recognition: the computer can recognize different things with its camera. Some years ago the technology was at a stage where it was necessary to put in the very near point, so that the system could recognize, but now it no longer well as the visual recognition it has become much more effective. New technologies are enabling computers to recognize things in more detail: were once the team saw a car today sees its various parts, the roles of each and how to assemble the car.


The new platform Qualcomm Zeroth was presented yesterday during the MWC 2015 and has enough to talk about. The truth is that it is able to become intelligent to the level of making decisions regarding their own safety even. The opportunities of this kind of systems are virtually unlimited and the truth is that there is still much to discover and lots of tests done. The necessary technology for use in conjunction with this platform is already out there, you just have to be implemented on devices and correct products according to Global Cellutions Distributors.

Online Test Application for Students

Proctortrack is a great place for you to start an online test. Actually, there are several tests you can take as a student and each of tests can be done online. In short, you can do the test anywhere and anytime you want as long as you are connected to internet. The way to use this online program is also simple. First, you have to go to the official website, ProctorTrack.com. Second, you can start to find your test. Remember! There are several tests you can choose and make sure that you choose the right test. Third, when you have choose the right test, you just need to click begin test button and get ready to complete the test.


Just like an ordinary test, this online test provides you with several rules to follow. Because of that, you will get the information about the things you can do and the things you can’t do during the test. Although it is only an online test but try to obey the rules. Moreover, you also need to read carefully about the specific rule such as the time to complete the test. There is also a case whether you are allowed to open your books or not. Again, just try to obey those rules just like when you are doing an ordinary offline test. For that reason, it is better for you to do several tips for better performance while doing the test. First, just try to move your computer or laptop in a private area. Just make sure that there will be no one disturbing you especially during working with the test. Second, it is also important for you to turn on your webcam. This is also considered as a perfect and comfort position so you can complete the test maximally. Third, don’t forget about the lighting. It is a must for you to manage the lighting properly especially if you take the test at night.

Now, this is the time for you to get the application in your computer so you can use it whenever you want to do the test. Just visit the official website above and then download the application there. Just like any other application, you have to install it in your computer or laptop. When the installing process is done, this is the time for you to run the program. From this explanation, you can conclude that Proctortrack is considered as a easy to use online test application and it can be used for various purposes.Online Test Application for Students

Why Should You Use Employee Task Management Software?

A successful company is manned by enthusiastic and productive employees. As an employer, you are responsible to make sure that all employees who work for you devotes themselves to their job. This can be done in many ways. If you are concerned with their welfare, they will be concerned with your business and more eager to do their jobs excellently. If you keep a close eye on their jobs, they will use their time and resources more efficiently. As long as you can make sure that you are a good employer and manager, you can make sure that your employees will be your best employees.

Employee monitoring and management is not always easy, especially if there are hundreds of employees who work for you. You need a reliable tool that can help you manage them more efficiently. An employee task management software program can be a helpful tool that help you systematize the management of your employees as well as their tasks. What can this software do for you? There are several features that make this software a powerful employee task management tool.

  1. It automates workflows.

If you have already set processes, policies and procedures, this software will automate their application in your workplace. This software thus performs a job that is normally done by multiple managers and staff personnel.

  1. It analyzes the way your employees work.

It analyzes all tasks that your employees have to do and their schedule. It makes sure that they perform their tasks efficiently.

  1. It enforces policies set by the company.

Through all-inclusive auditing and policy editing process, it makes sure that all policies set by the company are enforced.

  1. It improves employees’ productivity.

It detects all problems that cause your employees’ jobs to be unproductive and through a comprehensive analysis, it tries to overcome those problems and to improve their productivity.

There are obvious advantages of using this software. By using this software, no bottleneck that causes productivity problems will be found anymore in your company’s workflow. Your employees will work more productively and no one among them will slack. You can make sure that all tasks are done properly and on time and that your employees will become devoted personnel who never again show productivity problems. All in all, this software is a powerful tool that you absolutely need to make sure that your business always makes profit and great success.

IFTTT The application that automates all your wishes

It is time and if you do not know it yet, you will love it for sure. IFTTT is the kind of application that people love. It is really useful and deserves to be more known according to Greg Kiselyuk. So let’s go to this article!


IFTTT – The principle


The concept of the application is summed with the image below:



You specify a trigger from an application and an action to perform using another application. It’s kind of scenario, here called “recipe”. The only limitation comes from the application of the quantity of proposed applications.


IFTTT – Examples of use


When it comes to defining recipes, there are the breaks! I think it’s really great to automate tasks that can take time in only 2 steps with this application. It gives us a taste of everything connected and a very important point is that it allows us to link multiple devices: and that’s great! To say, for example:


When my Jawbone Up switches to night mode, turn off the light (lamp connected)


Admit, that it’s great! I have said not that great?


A recipe that I use all the time is the one who sends me a notification if it rains tomorrow. You can also define a geographical area and perform actions when entering or exiting the zone (notification, sending SMS etc.). The possibilities are many.


The application provides access to a catalog of ready-made. A “store recipe” in which you can find recipes from others and display the most used recipes, new recipes etc.

IFTTT – Conclusion


IFTTT offers us new perspectives and allows us to re-capture technology according to Greg Kiselyuk. It gives more meaning to our connected objects and makes them more useful and practical. It can also save us time and all this in order to improve our daily lives. What are the happiest!